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For radio stations with little or no cash flow or operating income, a commonly accepted valuation method is Stick Value.

Stick valuation is based on the Population Covered by Station (POPS).  In our stick value reports we look at the national POPS multiple for various sized markets, as well as a regional multiple based on actual recent station sales for the surrounding states.

The Stick Value FMV report will provide an accurate value for any radio station without significant cash flow.  Our fee for the report is $750, and the report can typically be delivered in five days.  Additional stations for the same owner are $500 each.   The fee will include a telephone review to answer any questions.

Please complete the form and submit it to us.     Payment is due when the order is submitted.


Stick Value Report Contents

  • 1. Station and market description, including the population covered by station contours.
  • 2. Stick Value FMV Calculation based on current broadcast standards.
  • 3. Stick Value FMV Calculation based on all recent actual regional station sales for the subject state and each surrounding state.
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